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8%OFF on purchase UP to 8000JPY! 10% OFF on purchases over 14000JPY

◆How use for milky-cat VR

Milky-cat VR movies are as same files inAdultFesta selling
Especially on PC, Please play with Free D-PLAYER
1)For playing VR on PC.
・A playable personal computer that has a plenty of system requirements(see underneath)
・VR head set. Oculus Rift or HTC Vive
・Please Download and install Free D-player for PC Free download D-Player for PC

2)For playing VR on mobile(smartphone)
・smartphone(VR playable)
・smartphone VR head set. Oculus Rift or HTC Vive
・Wi-Fi or unlimited connection(our mp4 files are over1G~2G size
・Please install VRX media player to chose below
VRX Media Player for iPhone
VRX Media Player for android SAmple and more details(you must sign up AdultFesta to get free samples)

3)Our mp4 files for VR
All titles are encoded by mp4, H264.
They are encoded as 3D(Top-Bottom or Over-Unde type) too. please setup carefully your player.

4)System Requirements
You must be aware of these system requirements for your PC.
if you don't, you have a possiblity to disable a part of our services.

1.CPU Core i5 or CPU more than this.
2.Over 8GB memory (hopefully 16GB)
3.Over 1024×768pixels display
4.Graphic boad after GeForce 960 (hopefully after GeForce 970, except mobiles)
5.Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows10 OS(We can't vouch for trobleless play on Windows 7)
※Unavailable on Macintosh(Please use BOOTCAMP)
※Recommend after Windows8 OS
※Version after DirectX11 is necessary.
※Your HDD must be formatted by NTFS(not FAT32 unavailable to recored over 4G files)
※Unavailable to play before Windows Vista(OculusRift and other headset are unavailable too)
6.After Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 browser
※Yuu must be enable cookie and Java script.
7.Over 2Mbps broadband traffic
9.OculusRift (VR headset)
※Oculus Runtime is available after Ver.1.3.

On smartphone, You can watch our Gear VR too.