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Milky Cat paid membership Terms of Service

Article 1 (Membership Agreement)
1. (referred to below as "the site".) is, membership agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Membership Agreement".) established, in accordance with membership agreement, by this site operated services ( hereinafter referred to as the "service".) is called member (hereinafter referred to as "members".) to provide.
2. This site, in addition to the membership agreement, you may define the Terms (hereinafter referred to as "individual Terms".) For each individual of this service. If the provisions of the membership agreement and the individual contract is different, it is assumed that the provisions of the individual terms are applied with priority.
3. Individual terms, of this service help, also page describing the guide page other this service, except as otherwise provided, shall constitute a part of the membership agreement, and the membership agreement to meet these.
4. Member on the consent to the membership agreement, and shall use this service.

Article 2 (Amendment)
1. This site, when it deems necessary, without notifying the members in advance, at any time shall be able to modify the membership agreement.
2. For membership agreement after the change, and it shall become effective at the time of the display on the web site of this service or on this site is operated, and if the member uses the Services after the change, the member is deemed to have agreed to the membership agreement after the change.

Article 3 (how to contact from the notification method and the member for the member)
1. Notification to members from this site, done by way of e-mail, has posted other our site on the web site deems appropriate.
2. If the notification is carried out in e-mail, the notice is deemed to have reached the member at the time that this site was sent an e-mail to members.
3. If you want to post a notice on the web site, it is assumed that notification is the notification at the time it was posted on the web site has reached the member.
4. Contact for the site from the members, according to the method the site is specified, it shall be made.

Article 4 (subscription)
1. Those who wish to use this service, by a method of this site is specified, it will make a membership registration.
2. If the minors carry out the membership registration, and shall obtain the consent of the legal representative. If the minors was member registration, this site is considered to have had the consent of the legal representative.
3. Among the services, adult services, and shall be able to use only 18 years of age or older.

Article 5 (user ID · password)
1. Members, the self of the user ID and password, and shall strictly manage at your own risk, the site for the unauthorized use by a third party will not assume any responsibility.
2. Member is to use its own user ID and password and shall not transfer to, or lent to a third party.
3. This site is, if this service is available in the user ID and password that has been registered, it is assumed that members of the user ID and password to use, and responsibility shall belong to the member.
4. Members, if it is suspected that a third party has been known to own a user ID and password and evidence is found, then it should be immediately reported to the site, following the instructions on this site.

Article 6 (approval of notes about the content)
1. Monthly membership is a continuing contract and the monthly membership features streaming movies and pictures.
The download HD movies are separated from the standard monthly membership as a Milky Cat movie download.
This is found on a separate site which is restricted.
2. Members will agree to join with an understanding of the character and notes of the content.
3. Repayment events that occurred Join remain not fully understand the notes and the Terms and agree that you can not.
4. If the member who joined the lodge a complaint about the content, as long as the services are provided properly, can not be subjective complaints about the content.
5. Member for the site, except for the failure of the system, and will not be able to demand the return of the paid consideration.

Article 7 (change of registration information)
1. Members, if the e-mail address, is a change in the registration information in the phone number or other This site has occurred, immediately, you shall be obliged to make the change of registration information.
2. Disadvantage caused to members by failing to change the registration information, for damages, this site does not assume any responsibility.
3. Change of credit card shall request the changes notified of the change or member by the system of clearing house.

Article 8 (withdrawal)
1. If a member wishes to unsubscribe from this service is, by those sites prescribed manner, and shall carry out the procedures.
2. Members shall lose the membership status immediately after the withdrawal process, can not use this service.
3. Members, if you want to bear the monetary benefits and other liabilities with respect to the site, does not escape this by withdrawal.

Article 9 (service environment)
1. Members, using terminals in order to use this service, electronic equipment, communications equipment, software, and the Internet connection environment shall be prepared by the self-responsibility and cost.
2. Communication expenses that occur per use of this service, it is assumed that members bear.
3. Proxy server, when using the service through the VPN server, etc., may not be able to use the normally this service.

Article 10 (self-responsibility of the member)
1. Member in relation to the use of this service, if a dispute between a member and the third party has occurred, in a member of the responsibility and cost, and we shall resolve the dispute.
2. Member in relation to the use of this service, in the case of damage to a third party, in a member of the responsibility and cost, and shall compensate for the damage.

Article 11 (prohibited acts)
1. This site is, at the time of use of the service by the member, you are prohibited to set forth in each of the following items.
(1) Copyright of the site or a third party, trademark rights, design rights, patent rights, the act of infringement of the utility model rights and other intellectual property rights
(2) the site or a third party of property rights, portrait rights, publicity rights, moral rights, honor rights, the act of infringement of the right to privacy, etc.
(3) public order and morals contrary to act, act contrary to the laws and regulations
(4) criminal acts, child pornography, pornography, in violation of laws and regulations to regulate the distribution, etc. of obscene materials, or contribute to violations
(5) act to interfere with the excessive burden and management on this site server
(6) the use of false information, or security that has been subjected to the content provided in this service, to remove the logo, etc., the act of disabling
(7) slander against the site or a third party, intimidation, act of harassment
(8) the act of a third party to the discrimination or collect personal information or privacy information without the consent of a third party, to publish
(9) the act of posting a link to connect to the outside of the Service
(10) other acts that the site is determined to be inappropriate
3. This site is, the act of members, if it is determined that corresponds to the prohibited acts of the first term, without prior notice, it is assumed that it is possible any or all of the measures set forth in each of the following items.
(1) use limitations in the service
(2) withdrawal disposal by the release of the member registration
(3) Other acts that the site is determined to be necessary.
(4)This site does not assume any responsibility for the damage caused to the members in accordance with the provisions of the preceding measures.
(5) This site is for the member, any damage caused to the site by any act in violation of the membership agreement, losses, costs (including legal costs and attorneys' fees.) This compensation shall be able to ask for.

Article 12 (service use limit)
1. If this site is the following is true, limit the use of the services of the member, or to cancel the membership registration without any notification, etc., it is assumed that it is possible to unsubscribe.
(1) If a member of the user ID and password is suspected of being utilized by a third party
(2) If there is a suspicion that false information has been included in the registration information
(3) If the payment of consideration and there is a possibility that the delay of the case or the payment is delayed occur
(4) member if you from this site is not possible to contact for the member, or has been in the past to use more restrictive than this site.
(5) the appropriate person, such as anti-social forces, who are caused problems in the settlement services available on the bankrupt, such as civil law
(6) other event that the site is determined to be necessary
2. This site does not assume any responsibility for the damage caused to the members in accordance with the provisions of the preceding measures.

Article 13 (interruption of the provision of services)
1. This site is, if applicable in each of the following items, and shall be able to suspend the provision of the service.
(1) When performing the maintenance and inspection of this service
(2) If a fire, an accident such as a power failure has occurred
(3) When the emergency situation of natural disaster or the like occurs
(4) a system failure, if a network failure has occurred
(5) If the business on the unavoidable circumstances of the site has occurred
(6) other event that the site is determined to be necessary
2. This site shall not be liable for damages such as the member is caused by the inability use the Service in accordance with the preceding measures.

Article 14 (Change of service, adding, obsolete)
1. This site is, at any time, change all or part of this service, it is assumed that it is possible to add or abolition, does not assume any responsibility
.2. This site, change all or a significant part of the service pursuant to paragraph
(1), when you add or abolish, member contrast, it notifies the up substantial period of time before. However, if an emergency or unavoidable is not limited to this.
(2), DMCA and content take down by performer's privacy issue are included as an emergency or unavoidable case.

Article 15 (Disclaimer)
1. This site, this service does not in any way guarantee that it has a thing and quality, value members expect to suit a particular purpose of the member.
2. This site is, the integrity of this service, accuracy, reliability, reliability, it does not in any way guarantee the usefulness or the like. In addition, this site does not guarantee that there are no defects on the fact or law to this service.
3. This site, disadvantages caused by the use of the service by the members, for damages, and will not bear any of the responsibility.
4. This site, disadvantages caused by that member can not use this service, for damages, and will not bear any of the responsibility.
5. Those contracts related to the use of this service between the site and the members, if applicable to the consumer contract of consumer contract law, out of the membership agreement, to fully indemnify define the liability of this site is not applicable will do. When damage caused to members based on the default or tort of our site in this case, this site is, damages the amount of money a member has paid in the last month as consideration for this service available on this site as an upper limit you bear the responsibility. However, if on this site there is intent or gross negligence is not limited to this.
6. Of the installation has been linked to the sites on which the site is managed, for a third party site to manage is not intended that the site is managed, this site does not assume any responsibility for the site.

Article 16 (intellectual property rights)
1. The video that is provided in this service, voice, programs, characters, images, illustrations, designs, trademarks, logos, (hereinafter referred to as the "content".) And any other information copyright, neighboring rights, trademark rights , intellectual property rights of the design rights, etc. are the property to a third party that uses licensed to the site or the site.
2. Member for this content, and any and all acts that violate the rights of the site or a third party shall not be.

Article 17 (the handling of personal information)
About GDPR new privacy policy, please check the detail HERE.
1. Collection of personal information, use and provide. If you want to collect personal information, in advance, and to clarify the purpose of use as well as the offer range.Personal information is collected by lawful and fair means.Personal information entrusted to us, except for the case where there is a provision of the case and the laws and regulations in advance there is a consent of the person, does not perform the provision to non-target use and a third party.
2. Maintenance of accuracy and safety entrusted personal information, and maintain accurate and up-to-date state.To that end, unauthorized access, loss, destruction, and take the necessary measures to prevent such tampering and leakage.
3. Responding to queries, etc.Inquiry of personal information from the person, modified, with respect to demand, such as Delete, established the contact details for the person in charge, and promptly addressed to the extent possible.
4. Laws and regulations, compliance with the Code of Conduct Laws and regulations that apply to personal information protection, and compliance with the norms.
5. Continuous improvementTo maintain a system for the protection of personal information, in light of the changes and social trends of the situation, and strive to continue to improve and improve
.For further information, please contact privacy policy and personal information Milky Cat (monthly and video sales for both)
TEL: +81 3 5378 4888 Mail:Inquiry form in the FAQ

Article 18 (Liability) Members, in the case of damage to the site in relation to the use of this service, and shall be responsible to compensate for the damage.