Troubled? Please check our FAQ before contact.
3Dsecure Payment Failed, contact your creditcard support クレジット決済失敗.
→You didn't set your 3Dsecure password, not applied yet, or misstype.
 Please contact your credit card issuer to confirm you have 3D secure.

I haven't received my ID or Password in my email account.
→Please check your SPAM folder and find from
 Email vendors have strong filter, please unfilter
→Did you use free email,,,, or VPN masking service?
 They may be more likely to "stop" our email at the server level.
→Please retry by the another email address without anonymous masking.

401 Unauthorized! I can't Login!
→You must Access and accept all cookies, Retry!
→iPhone, iPad
You must use firefox and update iOS to the newest.
Clear all cookie and cash, Retry!
Disable all plug-ins especially ad-block.
Porn users install tons of plug-ins for free porn websites usually.
This is by a cause of your device setting reason. not our tech side.
Repeat, We checked your credentials are working on iPad, iOS, and iPhone,
This is not our system trouble, your device setting.
100% of these are coming from apple users.
Give up?
Please try the another browser like
Dolphin Browser, Opera, Sleipnir, Microsoft edge, Puffin Browser.
The best way is trying by Mac, Android or Windows.

→Please doublecheck that you have correctly input the ID and password.
 It can be easy to mistake the letter "O" and the number 0, the small letter "l"(L) and big letter "I" (aye).
 Almost all login errors we encounter are related to typos like these.
→Have you already used this ID and password before? Once you cancel your membership, you can't REUSE your ID.
 Please signup by creating another ID. Check your saved password settings on your mobile device or browser to make sure
 you haven't saved an old or incorrectly typed password.
 On iPhone, check Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Website and App Passwords
→Please don't use copy and paste to login. This frequently causes errors with browsers, particularly Internet Explorer (IE8) which doesn't accept copy and pasted values.
→Please upgrade to a modern browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

After successfully signing up, "In Progress" appears but you don't receive an email from Milky Cat.

Sometimes this errors are same from reusing your username used before long time ago.
→ In progress means your charge failed. Please retry by another username.
→Still you can't, Your bank or credit card issuer declined payment. Please contact issuer support to allow ET payment.
 After waiting at least 1 hour after purchase, you still haven't received an email or only an invoice.
My screen does not refresh after logging in on iphone / ipad, or the screen turns white.

→ Most errors are related to old versions of iOS, old versions of mobile browsers, or older models of phones.
 Normally these issues will be fixed in an iOS update. In the interim, try resetting your security settings,
 upgrading your iOS and browser, or downloading a different mobile browser from the app store.
→ Check your security settings to make sure they are not set to a level that is too strong to allow you to access our page.
 We confirm with our web team that our site works on all up to date Apple devices,
 however you may have changed the security settings to something other than the default.
 Apple has taken a policy of very strict security settings which may require you to modify your settings to access our site.
→ If ios does not pass authentication, it is all ios issues or terminal configuration issues.
 So depending on what your iphone terminal is, what the browser is, and what the OS versions are,
 the correspondence will be different. It is not a problem on our system.
 We are also checking the operation with iphone, ipad in advance.

The movie can't be played smoothly

→Is your computer, laptop, or mobile device fast enough to play high quality video? At Milky Cat,
 we share high quality content which requires a good quality CPU processor, memory, video card, and a good power supply.
 This means that sometimes any videos will stutter or not play back smoothly. You can try to upgrade your computer or get a newer device.
→Is your internet connection bandwidth fast enough? Sometimes if you are downloading other content,
 streaming video to your TV, or on a slower connection, the video will need time to buffer.
 In this case, stop the competing bandwidth streams or wait for them to finish downloading.
 Additionally, you can try moving to a different spot to see if the connection quality improves on your mobile device or laptop.
→ If you are downloading content, you may find that the speeds are better during off-peak hours (times in the window of 2AM-11AM Japan Time).
→ Alternatively, you may view SD (standard definition) content which requires lower computer capability and bandwidth.

I need to cancel
→Please do it yourself from This Cancelation Page.

Your site noted I have access for 30 days. When precisely does it start and end?

→ For example, if you joined at 1:00am on March 1st, your ID has access through 23:59 (11:59pm) on March 30th. (Japan Time) → As another example, if you joined at  1:00am on February 1st, your ID has access through 23:59 on March 2nd (a full 30 days, where February has only 28 days).
 In this example, your rebill will be in the morning of March 3rd. For the next rebill after March 2nd, your rebill is on April 2nd.
→ Please remember the time gap between your location and Japan. Our billing schedule depends on the bank business schedule between japan and other country.

Signup failed, or VIP signup failed. But my credit card still works at other places. What's up?

→ Your creditcard company/bank has likely locked your payment automatically by automatic fraud protection.
 Please contact your credit card/bank and ask them to allow the online transaction. Typically,
 you are able to do this on your bank's website or in the mobile app.
 Sometimes the bank or credit card company will send you a text or call you about this sometime later.
→ is Japanese website and offers adult content, so it is more likely to be flagged by your bank and payment processor as a fraudulent transaction.
 Rest assured, we take your security and privacy very seriously!
 Please contact your credit card company or bank and ask to allow overseas billing for japanese websites.
 You don't need to describe to them that you wanna signup for porn content. Typically, allowing online transactions with Japan is what is needed.
→ Please wait several minutes between signing up for our membership and the VIP content.
 Please be aware that signing up for the VIP content is more likely to be flagged as a fraudulent transaction
 because it appears to the bank as a type of duplicate charge.
→ Please be aware that our billing company ET will lock your payment after your VIP payment is rejected 5 times. If this happens, please contact us via email.

Could you make a film with a bunch more guys? I wanna see 300, 500, 1000 guys cumming on the J-Girls! lol

→ We would love to see our cute J-Girls completely covered in cum. But we need to pay our actors and finance their STD testing—the more loads on each girl,
 the more the movie costs to make. By becoming a member and purchasing our content, you can help us move toward this goal!

I want to be an actor. Can I take part in your Bukkake shooting?

→ is based in Tokyo and is subject to the work laws of Japan. It is typically impossible for us to hire Western actors.

I am an actress. I look for pornjob in Tokyo. Can I take part in your Bukkake shooting?

→ If you are interested in our bukkake shoot, please contact us with your photo and tell us a bit about yourself.
 We would be interested in discussing funding your air ticket in return for working for us.

Thank you for being a member of Milky Cat…the greatest bukkake

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