Cancellation Form(English / Français / 中文)
We are using several payment processors by +18 issue. Please cancel from the link below you signed up.
Cancellation is per GEO codes. Japanese signup must be cancelled on Japanese form.
キャンセルは入会時の番組コード毎。 日本語決済ページから入会された方のキャンセルはこちら

Please make double check our cancellation terms before panic clicking.
*After clicking the cancel button below, all usernames and passwords will become invalid.
*Regarding cancellation and membership fees. cancellation of your account with Milky-Cat does not acknowledge any money already paid for membership.
*Be it an hour, a day or two weeks after your current membership payment, any remaining time that you may have had been able to access the site before your next payment to Milky-Cat will be nullified and non refundable in any form.
*We are not able, under any circumstance able to refund you after your decision to cancel and close your account. This applies to any reason that you may have closed your account with us, whether it is complaints about content, accidental payment or any other circumstance.
*In doing so you are confirming that you have understood the clearly laid out cancel terms and conditions above and agree.

I agree and accept Your cancel policy. I cancel.

STD+VIP 30days Rebill(VISA、Master)
30days STD membership( Master/AMEX) *If you are VIP, VIP shall be cancelled too.

Cancel only VIP (Master/AMEX)

30days VIP Auto Expired(all payment services)
You don't need to cancel by yourself.