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Bukkake Obscene Painted Body. Akira Watase (DL Shop Only)


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update: 2009.6.30
total time: 19min
category: Only web
title No: SP-06
price: 1800JPY
rate: 4Mbps
size: 1920x1080
File Type: MP4

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DL 620 MB

July.27.2019, This movie was updated to FHD-MP4. This includes DMC18 making rare shot too.
Do you know japanese Shunga (Porn Ukiyo-e)Art?

Recently, People are putting tatoo on body,
Actually, Shiruou was a comic author, then He had an idea a girl has pussys and cocks tatoo on whole body as sweet of "many dicks".
Model couldn't make it, then he drew lots of dicks and pusssy on her body like tatoo. then Bukkake, washing by cum.
This amazing idea has been taken in 2005-2007, then milky-cat.com is pretty progressive art works too.
There were many porns in the japanese Ukiyoe history. actually it is really famous for Hokusai and other sight prints as Ukiyoe art, but most of Ukiyoe was printed of porns called Shuynga. japanese silly Shogun was prohibited this porn ukiyoe in Edo era, so japanese porn had never exported in overseas. it is really simillar as nowadays "pixeled". so shiruou want to remake this kind of old porn now. Akira Watase was really famous pornstar in japan, shiruou draw a lot of porn items on her body. then this time, we cum on a lot of cum and she rub it and wash her body like soap. Now, japanese historical shunga was reborn as bukkake body paint with japanese famous bukkake taste nowadays!

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