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Girl Named Cumdumpster Yuria vol.3 60guys 60loads

update: 2015.3.23
total time: 81min
category: Girl Named Cumdumpster Yuria
title No: MS-04
price: 4990JPY
rate: 5Mbps
size: 1920x1080
File Type: MP4

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60guys 60loads
54Degrading Bukkake Facial Open Eye, 5Eye and Nose Holes, 1Fuck Gokkun
After being used her parts for fucking, Yuria is trained as mind whore. she must do cumdumpster squat dance in stretching cunt flaps, nose, in showing armpits and slutting face in bukkake guys. if guys satisfy, Yuria can get a lot of cumshots on her.
Cumdumpster Yuria’s “Say Hello” is always this Humiliate Begging pose.She must do this pose and say “I’m Cumdumpster.” instead of good morning, afternoon, hello and evening…actually everytime.Especially when guys show dicks, she must do this anytime anywhere.it means “cum begging pose”.put tongue out show nipples means use this.put hands behind head and show armpit means please fuck armpits anytime.opening legs and show stretched cuntflaps means to beg to fuck her pussy by dicks as many as possible and allow everything , anyhow they want to use.the most important thing is, when guys show their cock to her,Cumdumpster Yuria must do this humiliate squat until guy’s erect and fuck as long as possible.sometimes it continues 30minutes cos 50 guyscome and surround her next by next, little by little.then she needs to do this extream degrading squat until all 50 guys come and erect.of cause she got tons of cumshots on her all body and face at that time.

Named cum dumpster YuriaYuria has been trained to be a cum dumpster for for over 10years.She has always loved the smell, taste and feel of slimy cum.Then her master taught her to be really horny once she touches and smells cum. Today, Yuria becomes really horny as soon as feels cum and is always asking any guy for sperm, and obeys their orders to get her semen.Her master changed her name from Yuria Hidaka to “Cum Dumpster Yuria.”Now she must introduce herself saying “I am a cum dumpster” whenever she meets guys.She must say “Use me as a cum slut” and obey all their orders.Her master takes her to his agricultural village for a bukkake party.The farmers are all bukkake guys. The only girl is cum dumpster Yuria.She’ll train to be a perfect cum sweet.For 24hours, she will be a total bukkake whore and wank cocks and get fucked.Nostrils, arse, armpits, hair, lips, fingers, legs, nipples, tits, shoulder or arsehole, she must surrender her body parts to over 50 guys to fuck and bukkake.This 24h cum whore training is a happy challenge for cum dumpster Yuria. So degrading, so messy, cock overloaded.She dreams of cum training every day, and she has been chewing her master’s foreskin every after dinner, and stretching her nipples and pussy skin so it can take 1000 cocks in 24hours!

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