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Girl Named Cumdumpster Yuria vol.2 73guys 103loads

update: 2015.2.24
total time: 79min
category: Girl Named Cumdumpster Yuria
title No: MS-03
price: 4990JPY
rate: 5Mbps
size: 1920x1080
File Type: MP4

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73guys 73loads+30cumpickled food
18Armpits, 23Nipples, 6Uniform, 7Cumeating with 30picked lunchbox, 19nosehook Sniffle Swallow
This title is featuring slutting training of cumdumpster Yuria.
Yuria visits 3 classrooms. first, it is armpit whore.
Cumdumpster Yuria’s Armpit PussyTraining with 30 armpit maniac guys.

In the “classroom” there are over 30guys fully, all of them are very armpit fuckers. Cumdumpster Yuria must treat all their cocks by her armpits by using like pussy.Actually, Cumdumpster Yuria likes to be fucked her armpits (real Yuria Hidaka has been fucked her armpits everytime in milkycat’s shoot for 5years and she loves to wank dicks in her real life).
this is her favorite training.

First, she was requested to use her armpit for them.
2nd, show her armpits to make them erect.
3rd, Yuria needs to make come by being fucked.
4th, Yuria needs to ask to be fucked all cocks to use by all.
5th, Yuria must get all cumshots on her armpits.
6th, Yuria must masturbate by rubbing cum on her pussy armpits till drying completely.

2nd is nipple fuck whore

Cumdumpster Yuria’s “Nipple Sucker Discipline” to Be nipple whore for 50 nipple fuckers. For a few hours everyday, she takes sucking tools on her nipples, clit and cuntflaps to stretch.Cos Cumdumpster Yuria wants to be pulled her long nipples and flaps in wanking dickskin by 50 nipple fetish fuckers.After this training, guys fuck her nipples and soak her nipples by thick cum
Lunch Time:Eat cumsaoked bread and salad, manwhoile other guys mess her uniform by cum.
3rd nosehole swallowing slut.
Yuria needs to be Cumdumpster Pig and Show her humiliated whore face to guys by getting erections their cocks.Guys fuck her nose then blast cumshots in her noseholes.Cumdumpster Yuria must swallow all cum by her nosehole dumpster.

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