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Girl Named Cumdumpster Yuria vol.1 72guys 72loads

update: 2015.2.1
total time: 98min
category: Girl Named Cumdumpster Yuria
title No: MS-02
price: 4990JPY
rate: 5Mbps
size: 1920x1080
File Type: MP4

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72guys 72loads
7 Swallow with Thick Dick Cheese, 23Hair and brushing, 42 Face Stretching Bukkake
"Cumdumpster Yuria" is a cum lover slut girl that she has been grown by a rich who is crazy bukkake freak. She is also loving to be cumdumpster herself. The rich has set dumpster rules for her to live as cumdumpster. she must obey.

Today is a pre training of Bukkake Slutting days of Cumdumpster Yuria.She was covered cum on her hair and uniform, then guys support her face stretching for dick wanking.In this village, most of guys are just wanking and cum on her not pussy fuck.cos guys are also trained to masturbate by Cumdumpster Yuria’s degrading.they are only giving their cum for Cumdumpster Yuria’s happiness. but they need to wank and want to use her.so Cumdumpster Yuria give her any parts for their wank and like fucking.1,vision. 2, mouth. 3 hands and parts. 4, skin.then guys want to use her lip or skin for their wanking, sothey wanna use her stretched skin to involving their dickskins,besides this is very good degrading for her.Cumdumpster Yuria feels happy to be watched her insane stretchedface like destroyed piassing pussy. the degrading and sex shame are very good exciting vibrator for her too. Finally guys blasted tons of cum on her stretched pussy face.Cumdumpster Yuria plays and chews all guy’s dickskin next and nextlike a baby chews mother’s nipple as a gift for them.From the next day, “the special training class to be stronger wanking toy”will start in the village with 1000guys.

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