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Rei Mizuna Rotten Cum Pinter

update: 2017.6.13
total time: 33min
category: The Bukkake Club
title No: HDT-08
price: 3900JPY
rate: 5~10Mbps
size: 1920x1080
file size: 939MB MP4
This a short scene with Rei Mizuna's DMC-30.

Actually Rei can't swallow a lot of cum. and we have only one chance to take this. She agreed to try this big cum swallow because a lot of cum was frozen. We mixed it with a few fresh ones so she tried. The smell was awful, taste was awful for her, however, and the cum looked weird and not real. Therefore Shiruou didn't like this scene to be put on DMC30. We released this as blu-ray side rfor VIPs, but a lot of Gokkun funs requested this crazy and really nasty sperm swallow for download. *The price has been chaged by a cause of piracy attack about this title. please don't share to save our extra-cost.

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