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8%OFF on purchase UP to 8000JPY! 10% OFF on purchases over 14000JPY


Princesse du Sperme 2 Marie 84guys 84loads

update: 2019.7.10
total time: 116min
category: Fetish Bukkake
title No: FB-23
price: 4990JPY
rate: 5Mbps
size: 1920x1080
File Type: MP4

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84guys 84loads
5armpits, 11tits, 29Bukkake, 39Shibari style Bukkake

Marie has come to Japan to attend Japanese style porn shoot! my french friend introduced har that she was looking for JP shoot. She attend some shoots in Japan, this is one of them. We didn't her a lot so we separated the shoot for 2 days. First, we took her to Tokyo landmark tower and armpit, tits, facial. She was getting relax. Day 2 She was no longer nervous, very relaxed and we know each other, and Leroy Clala supported french translation. (Marie can't understand Japanese, only English and French) then Marie showed us her great lean body. this is the secound. and She requested us to perform with J-porn girl, so we make some "lesbian" scene with Yuzu Kitagawa. we got awesome facial with openeyes. The new porn rule make difficult to this kind of shoot from 2018, So you are really luck to watch this by thin pixels not strict controled.

(This title is Before2018 Very Thin pixels)

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