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Black Tanned Bukkake Tsubasa Miyashita

update: 2014.10.13
total time: 121min
category: Fetish Bukkake
title No: FB-10
price: 4900JPY
rate: 5~10Mbps
size: 1920x1080
file size: 3.41GB MP4

Next of new FB is Tanned Girl Bukkake. It is very rare to fnd tanned porn girls in J-porn. Tsubasa is one of them and luckily we met her. Then Shiruou wanted to brushup this FB titles for new(forget Shizuku's title) Anal eating, nose hook, cumswallow, and tanned bukkake. actually her tanned body was very hot, then Shiruou featured Tanned Body Bukkake more than facial. However, Bukkake guys were excited and shut tons of cum on her.

(This title is Before2018 Very Thin pixels)

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