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The One Pinter Cumdumpster Yuria Special Yuria Hidaka

update: 2017.3.10
total time: 127min
category: The One Pinter
title No: DMC-29
price: 6990JPY
rate: 5~10Mbps
size: 1920x1080
file size: 3.57GB MP4

This daughter of cum started here! AV actress Hidaka Yuria panicked at the thought of this challenge and changed her name to 'Daughter of Cum'! Actually this is the first of the daughter of cum series! This shoot, which was filmed the following month after the large earthquake, became a privately funded shoot by Shiruou, and over 120 cum shooter guys were gathered. Also about 40 shots of rotten sperm were collected! The guys all shoot in her mouth and then she drinks a huge glass full of semen which makes her eyes water! Also she has an enema, so it's a mix of excrement, piss and cum to give an all round taste! The ultimate gokkun work!

(This title is Before2018 Very Thin pixels)

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