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The One Pinter Special Hikaru Aoyama

update: 2014.12.20
total time: 120min
category: The One Pinter
title No: DMC-25
price: 6990JPY
rate: 5~10Mbps
size: 1920x1080
file size: 3.22GB MP4

The 1st one pinter looked half of mug and sales was not good.
then we tried once more to make it complete. Hikaru Aoyama had a lot of funs and she loved to play bukkake in DMC21. The we offered this. Hikaru accepted this, but the day, over 160guys has come. this unbeleivable number was considered as overcapacity for her that Shiruou worried. the cumshot time took over 1hour, and the big beer mug was still 80% means 560ml. Hikaru tried to swallow a little, but she stopped to it by really awful smell. we tried a lot, but finally she refused and cried, everything has stopped. this was the fail of shoot that Shiruou worried. but our imvest was huge and we need landmark. So shiruou has been persuading her untill 23pm. she cried and was into panic for a few hours Finally Shiruou's enthousiasm moved her. you should check how she did. (160men171loads)

(This title is Before2018 Very Thin pixels)

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