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The One Pinter Naami Hasegawa

update: 2014.6.20
total time: 102min
category: The One Pinter
title No: DMC-24
price: 5990JPY
rate: 5~10Mbps
size: 1920x1080
file size: 2.87GB MP4

milky cat's another landmark "The One Pinter" has come. it is simple.
The concsept is "Cutey girl swallows a Big beer mug of cum in smiling, happiness and sometimes struggling. acutally first challenger was Rei Shiina on GKS02, but that's cumswallow looks a little by the number of guys. Actually We were fear to fail for swallowing, however, Cutey Naami Hasegawa agreed with our offer to breakthrough Japanese Porn History. So we called about 120guys to this only 1shot shooting, but our 700ml beer mug was a little smaller.
actually some guy's cumshot is not a lot, then this appearance was about 70% of cum mug, but Naami swallowed this in smilling.
We gave a present for her after this breakthrough for congratulation. That wan over 20 facial once more. (120men150loads)

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