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The Legendly Bukkake SCG Part.1 Nanami Kurasawa 195guys 372loads

update: 2007.12.8
total time: 95min
category: Ultimate Bukkake
title No: DMC-09
price: 7000JPY
rate: 5Mbps
size: 1920x1080
File Type: MP4

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Number 01 02 03
HD 1.21 GB 1.05 GB 347 MB

195guys372loads+191cum pickled swim wear from dmc08(unwashed)
Schooluniform/armpit/vagina/hip/back/swallow/facefuck/ bukkake nose hooked face/walking after bukkake body・・・195guys372cum(part1)

The hardest and most of number of guys bukkake in the world. In 2001, pretty bukkake star Nanami Kurasawa came back from her mental and medical treatment for 2years. So far, she has a famous bukkake title in shuttle japan. but there were noting other bukkake title. She really loved cumswallow and cumshawer. it's unbelievable. Shiruou met her in other shooting as the guest. so he offerd her to this ultimate plan. actually, shiruou and Nanami were friend at shuttle japan's shooting. then this plan was going so smooth. About a quality, You can easyly understand to watch it. every ultimate bukkake play was included. We shut it only one day. gathered 195guys at once. there are nothing other bukkake video in the world like this even now. We have a unique episode of this title. Kazuhiko Matsumoto, famous for cum swallow director in japan, shocked and called to shiruou. he wanted to know about the actress, cause we didn't tell it before shooting. and Soft on demand really shocked about this ultimate shooting plan. they were really surprised and envied us so much. so they wanted to slap, confrict us. then pland their own ultimate bukkake shooting after a month later of us. We opend on the web to take "eye bukkake" before shooting, so they copied only eye bukkake without knowing our detail. so their stuff was really histeric and not so erotic. and famous for only "eyebukkake". it's really ridiculas insulting. That's pretending japanese porn king's action, hahaha.

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