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Erotic Kyoka Loves Sun Bath in Cum Oil 96guys 116loads

update: 2017.1.18
total time: 90min
category: Ultimate Bukkake
title No: DMC-04
price: 5900JPY
rate: 5Mbps
size: 1920x1080
File Type: MP4

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HD 673 MB 866 MB 576 MB

96guys 116loads
5mouth, 5armpits(tanning), 96outdoor Bukkake tanning, 5fuck and swallow, 5back.
This is the historical title the first bukkake outdoor 100% in 1999.
Shiruou met Kyoka in another shoot, she was free model
but she had pretty erotic body age 27.
(Amazingly today, a lot of over 30models looks so young as 20years old!)
At that time age 27 was filmed as a milf.
so this title, we titled "Erotic Milf Kyoka"
Shiruou wanted to the bukkake tanning as soon as possible,
Because nobody has not done so far.
The large outdoor studio was the problem. but he found it, then he looked for model.
The day, it was a historical day. Kyoka did all of bukkake in outside under sunshine(omg it was great fine weather day)
But unfortunately she got terrible sunburn without sun oil, only real cum.
Then she hurt her skin. finally, in fuck, she swallowed and the last scene, she got back bukkake(not burned)
This title has been sold as MC04 as VHS, but sales was not good in spite of "almost transparent" mosaic.
in DVD time. DMC05 is pretty popular and got a lot of sales, to sell DVD, we need to reput all of mosaics of MC04.
That was really hardwork and need time, cost. we had to make new titles instead. so MC04 had left for a long time.
in 2016, the time has changed. we got powerful automatic mosaic software and professional operators.
So Shiruou reput all of mosaic about this title.
Now, you can watch this historical title on Download.
Do you think this title was waste work? NO.
According to this experience, Shiruou could make Dried Bukkake with
Yuria Hidaka, Rei Mizuna, Madoka Hitomi, and Uta Kohaku safer.
That's why you can watch dried bukkake with great girls.

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