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Pretty Gokkun4 Mao Aizawa
update: 2007.10.8
total time: 86min
category: Pretty spermania
title No: SFD-04
price: 2400JPY

31.March.2014 New encode+ making included ver.
cum on tongue/swallow 10 cums/sperm rub body/underarm fuck/cum on blackhair/hooked nosehole cum/juteroped/lick anal

Impossible to possible
Mao has so cool look, but she is so kind. basicly she and her office were refusing cum swallowing, but Shiruou persuaded her and she accepeted his offer like this challenge. so this title is the documentary of her "growing up" to cum swallow actress. actually she felt awful to taste just 1cum, but it increased 1,2 and 10! finally, she made swallow the 10 guys yellow thick cum, and cry. however, she recovered and find a pleasure of "M" in sperm play. after that, she rubbed lots of sperm on her erotic body, underarm fucking, and juteroped body play(she really loved this tied fuck), first exp-hooked nosehole ashamed play, then bukkake blackhair, facial, noseholes. shiruou worried her from this too hardcore play, but she seemed to enjoy it. "I'm fun to play bukkake& gokkun".
you ought to check it out this real documentary of introducing sperm slave.
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