FAQ (before maillingj

I couldn't get my ID and/or PWmail.

If you haven't received any e-mail and/or only purchase confirmation e-mail for one hour or more after purchase:

Have you checked your SPAM folder for the milky-cat email?

Did you purchase and use an aol.com or free mail adress such as yahoo.com and others?

Sometimes aol.com ISP and other free e-mail servers use a very strong spam blocker
So, you may never get any auto reply e-mails from .com addresses.
If this is the case try checking your SPAM or filter settings or contact your ISP.
If you have already purchased, please mail us.

I can't donwload smoothly.

Around 23:00-25:00JPtime(GMT+9), our server is often busy.
In resonse to customer's request, our file size became smaller and some videos are now separated by scene.
The max size is around 1Gb for 2~4 files. The distance you are from our Japan server may have some effect on your speed.
The last file is usually the shortest scene, so we recommend to download from back to front to start watching sooner.

The movie can't be played smoothly.

Do you use laptop or old spec computer?

Our HD movie or high quality movies need a lot of CPU capacity.
Try playing other HD content on your pc first to see if it plays smoothly

I can't play any movies.
would you like to check the help.

My ID and password are unable to logon and download.(internet explorer)

Internet explorer8 and windows7 don't accept copied and pasted ID and password.
So, you should type your ID and password into the basic authorization form.
We don't know why this change or trouble occur. please contact microsoft.com.
If you don't mind, we reccomend that you use another browser.
We suggest firefox or google chrome.

If these troubleshooting options have not fixed your problem, please contact us.
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